Field of work

I write about customer projects, make websites and e-shops, consult on a marketing, content and communication strategy. I am the founder of “Media Viva” marketing and content agency and the author of the “Media Viva Members” training platform. I write articles and materials for copying, marketing, content marketing and communication


I have previous experience working in my own online and offline projects and businesses and for Bulgarian, American and British branding and advertising projects and companies.


I have degrees in “Marketing and Management”, “E-commerce”, “Computer Multimedia and Design”, “Advertising and Media Communications”, courses, master groups and workshops for online marketing, personal branding, advertising and content marketing by leading American and world experts.

Methods of operation

I apply and adapt methodologies for online inbound marketing and IP by combining my experience, interests and knowledge of marketing, branding, PR, UX, SEO, copywriting, content marketing, online and computer technologies, psychology, sociology.

Forms of work

Individual services, websites, writing, copying, consulting, courses and lessons, copying agency, content and marketing Media Viva – marketing and content for small business.


  • Copying and writing articles and content;
  • Content to order;
  • Create a communication campaign or content strategy in blog, web and social media;
  • Content and posting on social media;
  • Copying of selling texts, marketing materials and landing pages;
  • Emails, email marketing, lead magnets;
  • Writing and publishing blog articles on schedule;
  • Creation of websites and e-shops;
  • Optimizing WordPress websites and e-shops – speed, user experience and SEO;
  • Creating landing pages;
  • Facebook advertising;
  • Email marketing, Mailchimp, setup, automation and copying of emails and campaigns;

Personal marketing and business consulting
Ability to understand and solve any problem in the field of activation, development and promotion of your personal brand, marketing and your business.

Media Via Content and Marketing Agency

Your remote team to create and promote full-service content, from keyword research to author selection, writing, tracking, editing, and publishing.

To get a great end result without committing time and resources to management.

Suitable for agencies, small businesses, entrepreneurs.

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