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Before you go any further, I would like to thank you for being interested in me, my life and my work. I hope that my digital home will be an inspiration and invitation for you to join me in every aspect of my work that speaks to your heart, mind and desire to change and develop and move yourself, your family, your projects, those around you and humanity forward.

In my blood it is set to strive for a life in development, for purpose and meaning, but as we all know, finding your passion and purpose can be a challenge. Sometimes, just when you think you’ve found your way, the path can change, leaving you to ask questions, doubt yourself, and even start over. Sometimes it can be hard to understand that the limitations you think are the norm are actually your self-limitations.

My own journey was full of twists and turns. Sometimes I felt safe, and sometimes I felt full of doubt. Strong, and then powerless and scared. Powerful and weak. Fearless and numb with fear. But all the while, one thing has always been constant: My faith and my passion to do things that make sense, that lead to development, and to be in the service of my family, my community, and the world.My desire to be free to do things in a better way, to stand up for my ideas, to keep learning and to create.

I grew up in a normal but enterprising middle-class family in a small town. My parents started doing business as soon as it became possible and allowed. I have learned from my family that our lives and destiny are in our hands, but also the responsibility for everything we do is ours.

I’ve always been deeply curious about everything, especially people, numbers, words, technology and trends, so marketing was a natural choice for me. Marketing has not stopped fascinating me for 25 years and this is one of the reasons I write on the blog, create tutorials and articles and continue to develop my qualifications in this direction. And according to my professor of marketing, Dr. Yulia Uzunova – “Marketers are those fine people who live and work on the edge of the material and spiritual”.This greatly combines my pragmatic approach with my fondness for abstract ideas.
Like all women, I have worn many hats all my life – daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend and most importantly – mother. I have two wonderful children with whom together we discover the secrets of life and support each other. They are and always will be everything to me. No matter what I do professionally, they have always been my focus and priority. I’m so proud of them and like any proud mother I like to share what they do – but only with their permission!

I’m interested in the topics of communication, networking and social psychology.

I’m interested in the way the human brain works, neuropsychology and the learning process. I’m interested in the topic of artificial intelligence, natural languages and programming languages.

Automation, delegation, effective business and personal communication are the other things that interest me.

I love to read, write, travel, and dance, my girlfriends and my two children.

In recent times, I am very interested in the rights and freedom and expression of women, because despite the apparent change, women still tolerate limitations arising from hardened beliefs in thought patterns and society, and even more so on themselves.

Thank you for stopping here!

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"Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation."

Milan Kundera, writer and dramatist