So – where to start writing?

Maybe write a title first?

Oh, no.

Don't do this. It will take too long if you start to get over the perfect title from the start.

Plan with points and subpoints – to know what you need to cover?

It's definitely a useful exercise. But often not the best way to start writing.

How about a key message? Or features and benefits?

Not. And again, no.

Let me tell you…

Whether you're writing landing pages, sales letters, sales scripts, web pages, blog posts, or emails. Always start by presenting your ideal reader. Maybe your favorite client, your younger self, or an imaginary friend. Think about what touches him (or her), what makes him laugh or shake his head or raise an eyebrow. Start a conversation. Imagine him read. Imagine the questions he's asking. And answer these questions in your text. Don't imagine a crowd. Because the crowd makes you lecture. And you know your ideal reader wouldn't want to listen to lectures, right?