I start a short series of useful tips for copying for business – in just 30 seconds. I'm going to post the videos twice a week, so stay in touch.

For just one minute a week, you will improve your writing. This way you can do better when you write about your business.

I watch people write, and there's a terrible mistake that's most eye-on-eye, and it can be easily remedied.

What is the greatest and most terrible sin of writing? And at the same time so easily removed?

It's a terrible trap that many novice writers fall into.

Do you think this will make you sound interested and enthusiastic? Maybe even happy.

But it actually looks stupid.


And even children's.

What is this crime?

Excessive use of exclamation marks!

Why are exclamation marks such a big problem?

They're a sign of laziness. It's like you can't find the right words to convey your message.

You can't convey the enthusiasm that sounds in your head through exclamation marks. Instead – try to find the right words to convey your enthusiasm and the power of your suggestion.

Bonus tip: Don't use words like "big" and "many" to replace exclamation marks. These words mean nothing and no one will get excited.